Sodbury honey: Delicious clear honey directly from our hives.

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Prize winning Honey
made by the bees of
Chipping Sodbury Community Orchard
and the surrounding area.

Bees cared for in a bee-friendly way
by Sodbury Honey beekeepers.
Honey straight from the hive!

Nutritious & Delicious

1st Prize for our 2018 Clear Honey

Alan Stott Sodbury Beekeepers

Bees on a Sunflower

Gathering nectar and pollen

Clear winner

Basil Lewis Cup

Clear Honey

Our clear honey submitted for Honey Show

Show good honey

Sodbury Set Honey

Sell good honey

All set to win

Committee Cup

Commumity Orchard

Young Joe inspecting a colony.

'Sodbury Honey' is a team of two beekeepers based in Chipping Sodbury. We have a few local honeybee colonies and we help to tend the colonies in Chipping Sodbury Community Orchard. We use natural cedar-wood hives and diligently look after the honeybees to help them prosper in these difficult times for bees.

The Sodbury area offers bees a good variety of flowers and trees over most of the season resulting in a delicious honey which we strive to present in perfect condition 'straight from the hive'. We use the same high quality of care for all our honey as we have learned to do when entering in the County Honey Show.

Joe extracting his first honey.

Sodbury bees forage around Chipping Sodbury and the surrounding areas of BS37. They make honey which is raw honey. After some time, quality honey becomes granulated with fine or coarse granulations depending on the forage in the Sodbury area. This is called set honey and can be fine or course set honey. If we then stir it, without introducing air, it becomes creamed honey. We usually have clear honey which is runny honey, with a good texture and a good taste. This honey is often referred to as raw honey, unfiltered honey or cottage honey. Some people prefer us not to fine-filter our honey so as not to remove too much pollen. Pollen grains are very small and fine. so if we do filter the honey after course sieving, we use muslin cloth not very fine cloth. On a cold day we sometimes extract the honey from the hive frames in a warm room at a similar temperature to that of the hive. This ensues we do not detract from the natural flavours of the honey. Once in the jar the lid is put on so to contain the natural flavour and natural aroma of the honey. v181019a

Clear honey ready to label.

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