Sodbury honey: Delicious clear honey directly from our hives.

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About our bees

Sodbury honeybees make our prize-winning honey. The Sodbury area of the South Cotswolds is outstanding for the quality and variety of forage available throughout the season. The honeybees gather nectar over a three mile radius but they choose to work nearer to their hive if there is good quality forage nearby.

To gather nector they visit flowers and trees which attracts them visually and by their scent. Once a honeybee discoveres a desirable source of necter it returns to the hive and indicates to the other bees the location and desirability of the source. It also lets them sample the nector it has gathered. A number of bees then fly to the previously discovered plants and stay gathering from that same source of nector. They do not waste time visiting other varieties of nearby flowers. This unique behaivier is why honeybees are such efficient polinators.

They also gather pollen in the same way. Small quantities of pollen are found in the honey. It is the quality and variety of the local forage which gives Sodbury honey such a delicious taste, beautiful colour and desirable texture.

Joe with SGBKA Traing Officer giving live-bee demonstration.

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